Community Midwife at Geboorteinformatiecentrum Geel

Lieve Huybrechts started as a midwife in 1979. She worked in the maternity ward and delivery room for 20 years. In 1999 she started a home birth practice as an autonomous midwife. There she worked with colleagues and parents to provide care from preconception until a year after birth. She cares for mothers in all kinds of births at home or hospital. Her calling lies within physiological birth and woman centered care. She is the knitting midwife who doesn’t disturb the sacred space of birth. Lieve makes the connection between caregivers around birth to improve the human rights in childbirth. Recently Lieve retired from practical work. She is still active at the VBOV (Flemish Federation of Midwives) and (group of autonomous midwives). Lieve is a daughter, mother, midwife, grandmother, sister and friend. Lieve is very interested in the combination of science, common sense and experience in her work. She has a deep knowledge of physiology in birth and a critical view on protocols and guidelines. She fights for midwifery led care, continuïty of care and for the autonomy of wife and midwife. Lieve loves to share her knowledge with other birthworkers and is a coach and mentor for several colleagues.