Yvonne Greig has been a midwife since 1991 having trained as a general nurse prior to that.  She has had various clinical and academic midwifery roles over the years: – rotational midwife, education midwife and research midwife. Over the last 20 years, she has combined clinical and academic practice and has been involved in international work (both practical and academic), in Kenya, Greece and Egypt supporting ongoing education with a view to improving maternity care in these countries. She was successful in achieving a professional doctorate in 2020 and became a full time academic, she now works at Edinburgh Napier University.

As research midwife, Yvonne was the midwifery lead for Metabolic Antenatal Clinic at the Royal infirmary of Edinburgh, a clinic that provided care to obese pregnant women and from where much prestigious medical research was conducted with respect to the risks of living with obesity.  However, no research was carried out that explored professional practice with respect to raising and maintaining dialogue with women about living with obesity.  This is where Yvonne’s interest in caring for obese women within a midwifery context was sparked.

Today, Yvonne’s particular areas of interest are ‘living with obesity’ during pregnancy and ‘midwifery consultation skills’ and she has presented her findings at several international conferences.  She continues to develop these research themes and is currently working on writing a book with respect to the skills and knowledge that may strengthen midwifery practice when caring for obese pregnant women.