Midwives on the Pandemic Frontline: WHO COVID-19 Update

We are honoured to announce that World Health Organization (WHO)  associates will be presenting two special preconference sessions starting 3 hours before the start of VIDM 2020.  We hope you will be able to join us for these significant presentations and discussions.

A :: WHO guidance on maternal and newborn health during the coronavirus pandemic

04 May – 19:00 UTC  (Click for the time in your location)

Speakers:  Elizabeth Iro, WHO Chief Nurse and midwife  and Fran McConville, WHO Midwifery adviser.

B :: Sustaining quality midwifery care in a pandemic and beyond

04 May -20:00 UTC  (Click for the time in your location)

Speakers: Lastina Lwatula (Jhpiego Zambia), Mary Renfrew (University of Dundee, Scotland), and Anna von Horsten (UNFPA) on behalf of a group of global colleagues

Check the VIDM 2020 Programme Calendar for conference session details. Click HERE

NOTE: This conference is part of the Virtual International Day of the Midwife Online Educational Conference Research & Evaluation 2020-2025. Commenting, liking or following this posting will publicly identify you with this study.

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