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19 Collaborative working to enable women centred care
May 5 @ 16:00 – 16:50
19  Collaborative working to enable women centred care @ Room B

Speaker: Florence Wilcock 

Facilitator: Ally Anderson and Liticia Arthur

I am fortunate to work in the UK NHS within a midwifery-based system of maternity care where the role of the midwife is well recognised and respected. Despite this maternity care can sometimes break down and become a ‘them and us culture’ with conflict between different staff groups with midwives perhaps seen as advocates for women in contrast to obstetricians using a more paternalistic and medicalised model. I know in other regions in the world this can be even more marked with very obstetric based models and obstetric nurses in some countries or else with limited access to either profession in others. In this talk I will discuss my experiences of working alongside midwifery colleagues to try and enable women centred holistic care as well as making some suggestions of how you might build effective working relationships with obstetric colleagues.

(FRCOG aka TheObsPod)