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06 Development of the “Ruang Sehati”, a portable lactation room innovation in tourism areas: An Indonesia pilot project
May 5 @ 03:00 – 03:50
06  Development of the "Ruang Sehati", a portable lactation room innovation in tourism areas: An Indonesia pilot project @ Room C

Speakers: Giyawati Yulilania Okinarum, Venny Vidayanti and Sri Hasta Mulyani

Facilitator: Rizka Setyani

Yogyakarta is a popular tourist destination in Indonesia, but lactation rooms in public facilities in tourist areas are currently difficult or nonexistent. The lack of lactation rooms and facilities will affect breastfeeding activities for mothers who spend their daily lives in public places. Researchers propose a solution in the form of an innovative portable public breastfeeding room. Its goal is to assess user satisfaction with the newly developed public lactation room facilities. The descriptive-analytic method is used in this study. A questionnaire is distributed to determine user satisfaction. Then proceed with the selection of participants based on the results of the questionnaire distribution. Purposive sampling of 122 respondents who were breastfeeding mothers according to the established criteria was used in this study. The color and design of the lactation room received the highest mean satisfaction score (4.92), while ventilation received the lowest (1.66). The Ruang Sehati Lactation Room is an innovation that was created in response to the needs of users, specifically tourists who are breastfeeding mothers in Yogyakarta City’s tourist area. This innovation is also a pilot that can be shown nationally, presenting an image of Jogja City as a mother- and child-friendly tourist destination.