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04 Critical Midwifery Studies: A space to framing the enemy of the art and science of midwifery (Spanish)
May 5 @ 01:00 – 01:50
04  Critical Midwifery Studies: A space to framing the enemy of the art and science of midwifery (Spanish) @ Room B

Speaker: Susana Ku  

Facilitator: Paola Wilkin

We are a growing transnational collective consisting of members from the Global South and North, including midwives, doulas, scholars, educators, and mothers calling for an expansion of midwifery research to include what we coin “Critical Midwifery Studies”. We envision a Critical Midwifery Studies that uses three principles: 1.engagement and collaboration with rapidly developing fields within critical theory, 2.midwifery-led, 3. self-critical (developing ways to implement critical theory into practice). Systemic injustice is a threat to sexual, reproductive, maternal, and newborn health, hence the application of the art and science of midwifery. The effects of this injustice are reflected in the high maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality rates in formerly colonized countries of the Global South, in marginalized communities of the Global North, and in underprivileged classes around the world. We aim for an open discussion about midwifery research, education, practice, policy, and regulations, that are largely White and Western-centric, using positivistic and universalist principles of biomedical research. Although we recognize the global struggle for legitimacy that midwives face as they work to make their models of care more accessible, this coincides with pressure to engage with dominant and dominating paradigms, using language and approaches that are valued by regimes of power.

Our presentation will include a summary of our experience launching the first bilingual summer school for Critical Midwifery Studies held on July 2022, with delegates around the world. We will explain how our collective planned this activity including principles of equity and accessibility