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07. The true story about the campaign “Midwives Alongside Mothers” @ Room 1, BBB
May 5 @ 04:00 – 04:50
07. The true story about the campaign "Midwives Alongside Mothers" @ Room 1, BBB

Speaker: Gergana Nikolova

Facilitator: Paula Pelletier-Butler

Very often, when we talk about midwifery practice and motherhood, we describe the perfect circumstances and bond between the mother and her best friend – the midwife. And don’t we all wish that were true? Sadly, more often than not, the reality is far from the ideal. The presentation will tell the story of the National campaign “Midwives alongside mothers” which was born to fulfill the need for structured and consistent evidence-based midwifery care for every mother across Bulgaria. The campaign is organised and run by the Alliance of the Bulgaria Midwives and for the last 3 years has provided nationwide free antenatal education courses, breastfeeding seminars, local intrapartum support, and now during the pandemic – additional regular online updates and support groups. The presentation demonstrates how even in difficult and challenging circumstances, a midwife’s support can be offered to every mother whenever she needs it.