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12. Choice of birth companion among women in public health facilities in South India @ Room 3 - BBB
May 5 @ 09:00 – 09:50
12. Choice of birth companion among women in public health facilities in South India @ Room 3 - BBB

Speakers: Santhoshi Jeedipally and Sowmya Thota

Facilitators: Goodson Mukosa Mpumba  and Isa Abubakar

BACKGROUND: Evidence highlights that having a birth companion of choice will support women during labor and reduces the need for medical intervention. METHODS: Retrospective data and analysis of data collected from 104 antenatal mothers who birthed in public health facilities in the month of December 2020. RESULTS: When analyzed based on age groups, 62% (20-25), 23% (26-30), 3% (above 30 years of age). Amongst, the 104 pregnant women, 56% are primigravida and 44% are multigravida. For the Primigravida, the first choice of birth companion was their “husband” (41%) and for multigravida women, their “mother” (50%) was the birth companion of choice. 70% of women shared that the hospital encouraged a birth companion and for 30%, the hospital did not encourage due to the COVID 19 restrictions. CONCLUSION: The results raises few questions – Is this due to a lack of awareness or hospitals policies about having husband as their birth

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