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20. Evaluating women’s and midwives’ views of a midwife-led continuity of carer scheme @ Room 1 - BBB
May 5 @ 17:00 – 17:50
20. Evaluating women’s and midwives’ views of a midwife-led continuity of carer scheme @ Room 1 - BBB

Speaker: Shona Shinwell

Facilitator: Aleema Noormohamed

Continuity of midwifery care models are a crucial feature of maternity care policy in the UK. Robust evaluation of such models is vital to ensure women are indeed receiving high-quality midwifery care. Our qualitative evaluation of women’s and midwives’ views of a home-based continuity of carer scheme in Scotland, grounded in the Quality Maternal and Newborn Care Framework, comprised six focus groups and a one-to-one interview. Thematic analysis identified three principal themes: Organisation of care/Work culture; Information and support; Relationships. Sharing several sub-themes, these mutually co-dependent themes were crucial to the scheme’s success. The midwives’ enthusiasm for the scheme was reflected in the women’s very positive accounts of receiving tailored, sensitive and family-centred care. Midwives and women both valued the flexibility and autonomy they experienced. Women sharing their stories normalised homebirths. Providing insight into the co-dependent elements of this scheme’s success may benefit others when designing similar continuity care models.

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