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06. Midwifery and Entrepreneurship. @ Room 4, BBB
May 5 @ 03:00 – 03:50
06. Midwifery and Entrepreneurship. @ Room 4, BBB

Speaker: Priyanka Idicula

Facilitator: Sangheetha Parthasarathy

Birthvillages the natural birthing centre is a free standing birth centre based in Cochin, India. It is one of the oldest birth centres today in India with over a decade of experience , we plan to show case how we started out in a country where independent midwifery does not exist. We aim to showcase our statistics – natural birth rate of 96.4 percent and our transfer rate for epidural which currently stands at zero .We will also explain our challenges and what we envision our future for midwifery and for the women in our country.

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Recording: HERE