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13. Perinatal mental health: experiences of mothers during pregnancy and the midwives who support them. @ Room 2, BBB
May 5 @ 10:00 – 10:50
13. Perinatal mental health: experiences of mothers during pregnancy and the midwives who support them. @ Room 2, BBB

Speaker(s): Nicola Savory

Facilitator(s): Ally Anderson

Description: Existing research on poor perinatal mental health largely focuses on recognition and treatment of postnatal depression. Consequently, there is a need to explore antenatal mental health. Interviews with women in late pregnancy aimed to understand experiences of women with mental health problems and focus groups with midwives conducted to explore midwives understanding of their role in providing support.
Thematic analysis of interviews with women (n=20) identified themes: mental health over time, their expectations and control; and knowledge of mental health. Themes identified from the focus groups with midwives (n=15) were: conversations with women around mental health, its complexity and the gap in support. Continuity and more time at appointments were suggested by midwives and women to improve discussions regarding mental health. Midwives were keen to support women but lacked knowledge and confidence. Consistent reference was made to the need for training regarding the practical aspects of supporting women’s mental health.

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19. Childbirth: A Traumatic Experience? @ Room 3, BBB
May 5 @ 16:00 – 16:50
19. Childbirth: A Traumatic Experience? @ Room 3, BBB

Speaker: Paula Miller

Facilitator: Cynthia Pitter

Childbirth is a celebrated and positive stage in a women’s life cycle. For some women, the experience of childbirth is not quite so positive and can adversely affect psychological health and wellbeing. This presentation will focus on what constitutes as a traumatic birth, the psychological effects of a traumatic birthing experience on mother and infant and ways of reducing these effects. Current evidence base on interventions to alleviate psychological stress and co morbid symptoms following traumatic birth will be presented, along with barriers to intervention implementation such as midwifery job task demands and access to specialised training/supervision in perinatal mental health.

Presenter: Paula Taylor Miller, MSc. Occ Psy. awarded PhD scholarship, Centre for Maternal, Fetal and Infant Research, Ulster University, funded by The Department for the Economy, Northern Ireland. Supported by supervisors Professor Marlene Sinclair, Dr Patricia. Gillen, Dr Julie McCullough, Professor Paul William Miller.