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12. Hands on technique to promote coping in birth. @ Room 1, BBB
May 5 @ 09:00 – 09:50
12. Hands on technique to promote coping in birth. @ Room 1, BBB

Speaker(s): Heidi Meyer Vallentin

Facilitator(s): Karen Wilmot

Description: I am a midwife and the developer of a technique called the Meyer-method, which is a hands on technique based on Gate control and hypnosis practiced by the midwife to promote coping in birth and redirecting pain signals.

Creating better progression and less pain experience. Thus resulting in less medication and intervention in birth.

Also the technique can be taught to the birthing partner which promotes teamwork and shared better birth experience.

The technique is well known in Denmark and I will present The Meyer method in ICM Bali 2020. Also initiatives towards testing the method has been taken in Denmark. I would love to give this simple technique to midwives all over the world via your conference.

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Recording: HERE