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24. KEYNOTE :: Ecology of childbirth @ Room 1 - BBB
May 5 @ 21:00 – 21:50
24. KEYNOTE :: Ecology of childbirth @ Room 1 - BBB

Speaker: Susan Crowther

Facilitator: Annette Dalsgaard

Description: In this presentation Susan will journey through her work and insights about psycho-spiritual wholeness in and around childbirth revealing how childbirth is a significant and seminal human encounter with life. These moments in our lives are precious and need to be treated with care and tenderness lest we loss something of existential value. Much work still needs to be done in our health systems for them to align fully with the fullness of what childbirth is beyond the biomedical understandings that predominantly inform our current systems of care. Susan will share recent outcomes of an international co-operative inquiry that explored ways of transformation in how and what we do to enhance and honour an ecology of childbirth.

Recording: HERE