MaryamDr Maryam Bazargan RM (Bachelor of Midwifery); M.Sc (Human Physiology); PhD (Pharmacology)

Dr Maryam Bazargan is a Lecturer with the Midwifery Team at Flinders University. Maryam completed a PhD at University of South Australia in 2015 in Pharmacy/Pharmacology: Drug Disposition in Feto‑Maternal Unit. She completed a Masters degree in Human Physiology from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran and a Bachelor of Midwifery from Tabriz University, Iran.  Maryam also completed a Bachelor of Midwifery degree at University of South Australia in 2016 to be able to register as a midwife with AHPRA.

Maryam is passionate about improving the understanding of drug disposition between mother and fetus and she teaches pharmacology to midwifery students and prescribers as well as other since topics including Anatomy and Physiology of Reproduction and Clinical Science and Applied Pharmacology to midwifery students.

Maryam has extensive research experience in science. She strongly believes that to facilitate physiological birth, we need to incorporate adequate science of the physiology of reproduction/labour in midwifery training programs. She continues to work towards improving rate of physiological birth in Iran.



RozDr Roz Donnellan – Fernandez RM RN BN MNg IBCLC Grad Cert MID (Pharm) PhD

Dr Roz Donnellan – Fernandez is a Senior Lecturer with the Midwifery Team at Griffith University / Menzies Health Institute Queensland. Roz completed a PhD at Flinders University in 2016 as Women’s & Children’s Foundation Midwifery Fellow on Midwifery Group Practice & Standard Hospital Care: a cost and resource study of women with complex pregnancy. She is a former Midwifery Unit Head of Women’s & Children’s Health Network South Australia, responsible for implementation and management of the public health Midwifery Group Practices 2004 – 2008 and a Community Midwife / Lactation Consultant in Private Practice for the past 22 years. She has current Commonwealth Medicare and Prescribing endorsement and former admitting / clinical privileges in SA public hospitals where she has recently served as Midwifery Representative on SA Multidisciplinary Perinatal Mortality & Morbidity Committee and Maternal Mortality Sub-Committee. Roz has extensive experience in midwifery education and regulation in former roles as a National Director of Australian Nursing & Midwifery Accreditation Council; National Vice President Australian College of Midwives; National Midwifery Representative to Health Workforce Australia and Deputy Chair of the Nursing & Midwifery Board of SA. Her program of research is focused on the expansion of access to caseload midwifery services in both public and private sectors for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. Roz is committed to community engagement strategies to advance this agenda with multi-stakeholder groups.



NasrinNasrin Charlang, Bachelor of midwifery (RM)

Nasrin has worked as a clinical Midwife for 15 years. Working for several years in remote areas in Iran where there were lack of medical services and maternity care, she gained extensive experiences in management of pregnancy and women’s health as she was dealing and treating many of the gynaecological complications of those women in need as well as providing maternity care for them.

Nasrin is an active midwifery educator and works closely with several universities and private institutes and runs educational sessions and hands on workshops for midwives. Since 2011, following successful completion of physiological birth training classes, Nasrin became a Physiological birth promoter in Iran.


LizLiz McNeill RN/RM, BHSc(Nurs), BMid, GradCerts -Ed(Tert Ed)/CritCareNurs/Flex Ed & Sim in Healthcare, MN,

Liz McNeill became a midwife instead of having a midlife crisis and therefore calls herself an old nurse/new midwife. She is an associate lecturer in Nursing and Midwifery at Flinders University. Her critical care background and subsequent specialisation in simulation has enabled her creative and innovative sides to come out to play with her teaching, curriculum design and scholarship/research areas in both the nursing and midwifery areas.

Whilst Australia has a wonderfully diverse population, Liz took the opportunity to experience maternity care options in Sri Lanka and midwifery practice in the Philippines. She will continue to work with these colleagues to share knowledge, advances and information.