Are you ready for VIDM 2018?

Look to the right of this blog post ⇒  That is how much time you have to get ready for VIDM 2018.

Attending a 24 hour conference with concurrent sessions via webconference takes planning! When are you available? Which sessions are your “must attends” and which ones can you catch as recordings? Review the Programme Calendar and save the sessions to your calendar. Make note of the session room (1 – 2 – 3).

How about the webconferencing technology? Attend a drop in session to check out how Big Blue Button works.  See below to find a session that works for you or look here. The moderators are there to answer any questions. Make sure your headset is working!

Accessing the drop in sessions is the same as accessing the conference. Give it a try and you’ll be ready for the conference.

VIDM 2018 Drop In Sessions

Date / UTCTime / UTCLocal time - world clock Moderator
Sunday 22 April1700 - 1900 hrsClick for your timeCecilia Jevitt
Sunday 22 - Monday 23 April2300 - 0100 hrsClick for your timeLorraine Mockford
Monday 23 April 1400 - 1600 hrsClick for your timeSusana Ku
Tuesday 24 April0900 - 1100 hrsClick for your timeLinda Wylie
Thursday 26 April1300 - 1500 hrsClick for your timeChris Woodhouse
Sunday 29 April1700 - 1900 hrsClick for your timeSusana Ku
Tuesday 01 May0700 - 0900 hrsClick for your timeLinda Wylie
Tuesday 01 May2100 - 2300 hrsClick for your timeLorraine Mockford
Wednesday 02 May1500 - 1700 hrsClick for your timeChris Woodhouse


VIDM 2018 Programme

It is with great joy that we announce the successful arrival of the Virtual International Day of the Midwife 2018 Programme. The organizing committee is doing fine.


The programme represents speakers from 15 countries across 6 continents, and includes presentations in 3 languages. What a way to celebrate 10 years!

Many thanks to our speakers and facilitators for their support and generosity of time and commitment. Your hard work starts now as you connect with one another to prepare for the big day — Just one month away!

The programme is published using UTC time zone, starting at 22:00 on 04 May.  Be sure to check your local time — you don’t want to miss a thing! Time conversion information is provided. You can also subscribe to the programme calendar to add it to your local time calendar.

VIDM 2018 will be coming to you via the webconferencing platform Big Blue Button, supported by Frontier Nursing University. Information for speakers, facilitators, and participants will be available here very soon. We are excited about the possibilities.

We would like to thank  University College Lillebaelt for their support with Adobe Connect over the years.

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