Tracy Frey is an IT Professional with a passion for community building and collaboration. She has always been interested in the intersection of technology and social impact, which led her to take on a leadership role in managing an award-winning farmers market.

Tracy’s experience managing the farmers market taught her the power of collective knowledge and shared resources, leading her to help found the Virginia Farmers Market Association and Virginia Fresh Match. Her work with these organizations has helped countless farmers markets thrive by connecting them with the resources they need to succeed.

In addition to her work with farmers markets, Tracy is a dedicated mother of two and has assisted three other women in welcoming their children into the world. She is passionate about helping others and finds fulfillment in saying “yes” to new opportunities, including facilitating at the VIDM conference.

Tracy’s diverse experiences have given her a unique perspective on the importance of community and collaboration in achieving meaningful change. She believes that by working together and sharing knowledge and resources, we can create a brighter future for everyone.