Tech Help

Basic Information About Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing program. There are three roles; host, presenter and participant. As a VIDM facilitator you will need to be a host on the day; the speaker that you facilitate will be a presenter and the VIDM attendees will be participants.
– Here is information about Adobe Connect, including basics of getting started
– Here is a video to explain the controls that you can use as a host
– Here is the Quick Start Guide for hosts
– Here is the Quick Start Guide for participants and guests
– Here is the link to the VIDM Practice Room that is open all the time. When you go into the practice room you will automatically be made a presenter. This role will allow you to set up your audio, and practice sharing PowerPoint presentations. However, to have access to the host role and the full host functions, especially before the 5th May, you will have to meet someone in the practice room who is already a host.