Sarah Scarlett and Lauren O'Neill

Sarah Scarlett is a third year student midwife at the University of the West of Scotland. Sarah was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel to Greece in 2017 to work with Amurtel, a charity providing maternity care and much needed holistic support to asylum seeking women and their families. Sarah is keen to share her experiences in order to raise awareness and improve the level of care given to vulnerable women across the UK and the world.

Lauren O’Neill is in her third year of midwifery studies at University of the West of Scotland. Lauren is passionate about women’s rights and has an innate belief in women’s strength and ability. This passion was affirmed and reignited following a life-changing time spent working in Athens in 2018. Lauren and Sarah volunteered with Amurtel, a project run for women, by women providing essential maternity care, education, support and advocacy for refugee women and their babies. As a student midwife, Lauren believes it is part of her role to advocate for all women and she hopes to increase birth workers knowledge and understanding by sharing the journeys of some of the inspirational women she had the privilege to meet.