Hola, My name is Paola Wilkin, I am a Peruvian born Registered Midwife residing in Australia. I identify myself as a Culturally and Linguistically diverse (CALD) midwife. I practice midwifery in a public hospital in Queensland. I decided to be a midwife because I wanted to support and care for women and their families throughout their childbearing and parenting journey. I feel privileged to be part of such a momentous and challenging experience. My long term Midwifery Goals are to promote cultural responsiveness in public maternity services. Over the past 4 years I have established professional relationships with some midwives from Peru, sharing experiences and engaging in international community events. I am happily married to a wonderful Aussie guy and we are the proud parents of Carolina, our only child, who has decided to become a Midwife as well. During my free time I love handmaking midwifery-theme jewellery, candles and sculptures