Niken Bayu Argaheni is a lecturer at Midwifery Program at Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia. Awarded as Grant Recipients of the following research: “Online Learning Research Group for Pregnant Women for Covid-19 Prevention (2020)”, “The Effect Of Diaphragmatic Breathing Techniques And Aromatherapy On Anxiety Levels In Third Trimester Pregnant Women During The Covid-19 Pandemic”, “The Effectiveness Of The “Fatima” Intervention Program (Short Films, Music Therapy And Diaphragm Relaxation) To Reduce Postpartum Stress During The Covid 19 Pandemic” She was the Author of “Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Socio-Cultural Reform in ASEAN Countries” (2020), “Evidence-Based Complementary Midwifery Care” (2020), “Mother and Child Complementary Alternative Therapy Book” (2021), “ Adaptation of New Habits in Midwifery in the Era of the Covid-19 Pandemic” (2021).