Mahfuja Jhúmu

Mahfuja Jhúmu is a midwife and Vice President of the Bangaldesh Midwifery Society. Aged 24, she has been selected as a Young Midwife Leader in the Royal College of Midwives’ twinning project with the Bangaldesh Midwifery Society. Jhúmuwas was in the first cohort of direct entry midwives trained in Bangladesh, qualifying in 2016. She spent several months working with in very difficult conditions in the Rohingya refugee camps and is now employed by the Government of Bangladesh asa midwife in a rural area of Mymensingh Province.

Sharmin Shobnum Joyya

Sharmin Shobnum Joyya is employed by the Bangladesh Midwifery Society as twinning project manager. She is BMS’ only full-time staff member. Sharmin has a Masters Degree in Sociology and Anthropology and has worked in Gender and Development and Project Management for the past 12 years. Sharmin is leading the organisational development of the Bangladesh Midwifery Society with support from the Royal College of Midwives.

Joy Kemp

Joy Kemp is Global Professional Advisor for the Royal College of Midwives UK. She is a midwife with a background in practice, research, education and international development. She leads the RCM’s international work and has specific expertise in midwifery twinning projects.