Maggie Banks

DrMaggieBanksPhotoDr Maggie Banks, PhD, RM, RGON


In August 2014 I stopped midwifery practice after 27 years, of which 25 years was as a homebirth midwife. Prior to becoming a midwife I spent 18 years hospital nursing, primarily in women’s and children’s health. I continue my commitment to midwifery and childbearing women as an independent Midwifery Educator, which I started in 1998.

The focus of my midwifery workshops has always been about advancing midwifery skills and knowledge so the midwife is using her full scope of midwifery practice and remaining connected to the woman she serves. I am, as of 2017, developing my website as open source so, irrespective of financial circumstances, women, midwives and other health care practitioners can readily and freely access evidence-informed materials.

My research interests have led me to write two books so far (Home Birth Bound: Mending the Broken Weave and Breech Birth Woman-Wise), numerous articles and I regularly present at conferences and teach midwives about natural childbirth and/or emergency skills. My doctoral research focused on the history of home birth midwives in New Zealand during the time of the home birth resurgence in the 1970s-1980s. My thesis is available online here. I also established the Wise Woman Archives Trust to collect and preserve historical materials relating to maternity services in New Zealand, and to ensure these collections become accessible to interested people for research purposes. These documents are available here.

I live rurally in the Waikato, New Zealand, with my husband Tony on a 2 ¼ acre small farm where we have chickens, pigs (sometimes), goats, cats and a large vegetable garden and orchard. Our 3 children are now adults, as are 2 of our 3 grandchildren, but we continue to spend as much time together as a family as our busy lives allow. Both our grandsons (and 4 other babies) were born in the Cottage on our place.

15 Te Awa Road, RD 3, Hamilton, New Zealand 3283

Email:; Phone: +64 021 119 2237