Midwife:  Always with Woman and her family; Homeopath; Nurse; Author; Lecturer; Foreign Expert Maternity Service and Midwifery advisor to Modern Maternity Service Systems MMSS (China); Director of operations My Body My Baby Enhanced Prenatal global education project. Homeopathic Midwifery Advisor to the Academy of Homeopathic Education (AHE) New York and mother to the AHE homeopathic online course for midwives. ….and much more….

About Irene Chain Kalinowski.

Practiced midwifery for 38 years. Medically trained in the 1970’s.  Irene has spent her entire life passionate about midwifery, working across continents, observing systems and learning more wonderful ways to deliver care and be connected with women.

“Why can’t we lower interventions, why can’t we see less post-partum depression, why can’t we be more human?” 

“I have lowered intervention rates. I have hardly seen a woman depressed after birth under my care and I am definitely human”. 

Irene has taken more than 1000 women through the continuity of care program as a New Zealand Midwife. Her knowledge and expertise evolved from observing and being with the women and families that she has cared for. Irene’s homeopathic knowledge and mindset are her greatest assets when providing holistic integrated care.

She now lives in and travels across China with the MMSS team supporting the implementation of integrated holistic maternity care and midwifery.  There is no” black and white” here in China, but an openness to the many wonderful and integrated ways that deliver effective and safe care. Care that puts the psychological, emotional and physical health of women, their babies and their families first giving them voice and choice in all matters.