International engagement is being increasingly valued as midwives collaborate, network and share professional expertise to educate and enhance care. This presentation provides a practical and innovative example of a holistic, self-reflective audit tool for midwifery education. The tool has been developed by the presenter, based on the ‘Internationalising Higher Education Framework’, published by the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA 2014). The tool can be used by educators, maternity practitioners and students to consider the extent of their engagement in internationalisation, and to identify opportunities to strengthen global involvement and activity.

The presenter is a midwife and experienced educator with a passion to engage globally. The tool was developed after engagement with international colleagues (post-registration students and visiting professionals), which lead to profound, unexpected and rich professional and personal learning. The presentation seeks to share the self-reflective tool and stimulate discussion of its use amongst international colleagues.


Higher Education Academy (2014) Internationalising Higher Education Framework [Online] Available from: [Accessed 26th April 2016]