Facilitators are key to ensuring the success of the conference. You work with each speaker, helping them to

  1.  Become familiar with the webconferencing technology (Big Blue Button)
  2.  Prepare their presentation slides to meet the requirements of the conference
  3.  Develop a plan for handling questions during the presentation


  • Review the User Guide for Big Blue Button
    • The videos are very helpful
  • Make sure your computer and that of your speaker meet the minimum requirements
  • Set up a practice room to use with your speaker(s) and become familiar with the technology
    • The link to creating a practice room was sent to you via email by your Master Facilitator
  • Make sure you and your speaker(s) have a headset with a built in microphone
  • General practice sessions will start 2 weeks before the conference
  • Refer any questions to your Master Facilitator
  • Please NOTE on April 20th Big Blue Button will be changing format along with the requirement for FLASH. This means it will be mobile friendly, which is good. It also means that we will need to be aware of any changes. Look for an email regarding this.

VIDM Programme

  • Review the VIDM 2019 Programme Calendar
  • Check the details for your session(s) are correct:
    • Session title
    • Session description
    • Speaker name(s) and link  to biography
    • Facilitator name and link to biography
    • Time – both UTC and world clock link
  • Refer any questions / corrections to info@vidm.org

Master facilitator role

Master Facilitators are your ‘go to’ person, both before and during the conference.  He or she is available to answer questions and share information as you prepare for the conference. They will look after most of the technical issues during each session, such as uploading the presentation slides and introducing the technology to participants.

  • You were introduced to your Master Facilitator via email.
  • Follow up on this email if you have not heard directly from him or her.
  • Share alternate contact information
  • Direct any questions or concerns to your Master Facilitator


  • You were introduced to your speaker(s) via email
  • Follow up with your speaker(s) to:
    • Set up  practice times to become comfortable with the technology
    • Set up practice times for the presentation with the slides
    • Make sure the speaker understands the session will be recorded and widely disseminated via the VIDM website and YouTube channel
    • Share alternate contact information, just in case
    • Review the Programme information and ensure your speaker(s) are aware of the time in their location
    • Review the Guidance for Speakers information to clarify any questions
  • Call on your Master Facilitator if you require assistance or have any questions


Information about preparing the presentation is found at Guidance for Speakers   Please review this and ensure your speaker(s) understand the requirements.

NOTE: Speakers are responsible for sending their PowerPoint slides to info@vidm.org no later than 30th April. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of their presentation.

The Master Facilitators will prepare the PowerPoint slides for the conference, adding the Welcome and Goodbye slides, and will upload these for each session.

Backup plan

  • Have a backup plan in case there is a problem with the technology or the speaker does not show up.
  • Discuss options for this with your Master Facilitator