22. Optimal cord clamping: Whose blood is it anyway?

May 5, 2018 @ 19:00 – 20:00 UTC Timezone
Room 2, Big Blue Button

Speaker: Amanda Burleigh

Facilitator: Linda Wylie

Recording: Click HERE

Amanda BurleighThis presentation will address the following:

  • History of cord clamping and implementation of non-evidence based immediate cord clamping.
  • Changes in international guidance and UK NICE guidance 2014 to recommend delayed cord clamping.
  • The main researchers and evidence to support the changes in guidance.
  • The benefits to a baby of receiving their full blood benefit.
  • Dispelling the myths and barriers to implementing occ.
  • Best practice for Midwives -Active management.
  • Physiological management.
  • Taking blood gases/Kleihauer.
  • Resuscitation with the cord intact. Essential in low resource settings.
  • Cord blood banking. Whose blood is it anyway?
  •  Midwives supporting each other to embrace and facilitate evidence based practice.
  •  Global networking and enabling leadership in change.