4. Errors when augmenting labour with oxytocin (in Spanish)

May 5, 2018 @ 01:00 – 02:00 UTC Timezone
Room 2, Big Blue Button

Speaker: Patricia Marianella Juárez Coello

Facilitator: Susana Ku

Recording: Click HERE

The aim of this study is to present and discuss the results of research which looked at the management of labour with oxytocin and the maternal and neonatal outcomes, in a tertiary hospital in Lima in 2016. This management is necessary to improve abnormal uterine contractions. However, the literature reports that this practice is overused due to various factors, as the lack of clinical practice guidelines, avoid prolonged labour that could lead to maternal physical and emotional exhaustion, to diminish the oversaturated obstetric service and the susceptibility of new health providers when shadowing more experienced colleagues.

This presentation aims to generate discussion among others experiences in relationship with the use of oxytocin in labour and its maternal and neonatal outcomes across the globe.

This session is presented in Spanish with simultaneous English translation.