16. Effectiveness of the intervention of professional midwives in vulnerable populations (in Spanish)

May 5, 2018 @ 13:00 – 14:00 UTC Timezone
Room 2, Big Blue Button

Speaker: Maria Florencia Francisconi; Ana Clara Martínez

Facilitator: Susana Ku

Recording: Click HERE

Countries in Latin America and Caribbean have had sustained advances reducing inequalities in interventions related to reproductive health, maternal, infant and neonatal health. However, 20% of the extreme poor population, is still unattended and the need of better plan of actions is needed to improve equity, which constitutes a red flag when overcoming the 2030 agenda for the sustainable development goals.

Objectives: To define the effectiveness of the intervention of Midwives in the First Level of Health Care (APS)

Conclusions: In the First Level of Care, the presence of qualified personnel, in conjunction with active appointments  and a major frequency and time of midwifery care, has provided significant improvements in First Level of Care, through PAP test, Breast exams, gynecology appointments; this constitutes more inclusive systems to this vulnerable population.

Simultaneous English translation will be provided.