Jennifer Goldberg

21. The attitudes of Ontario midwives towards sexual and gender minorities: Results from a cross-sectional survey study (English and Spanish)

May 5, 2021 @ 18:00 – 18:50 UTC Timezone
Room 4 - BBB

Speaker: Jennifer Goldberg

Facilitator: Niessa Meier

This study is a mixed mode (paper and internet) cross-sectional survey that explores midwives’ attitudes towards sexual and gender minority people (SGM). The need for this research is demonstrated by: (1) published literature showing midwives’ attitudes shape the care experiences of lesbian women; (2) a lack of literature on midwives’ attitudes towards all SGM. The response rate was 29.2% (n=270). Data analysis is in progress and includes measurement of Ontario midwives’ attitudes towards SGM and assessment of differences in attitudes toward SGM based on socio-demographic data. This study addresses a crucial gap at the intersection of SGM health equity and midwifery. Understanding how attitudes are shaped can help inform the process to build the capacity of midwives to provide quality, inclusive and safe care to all SGM, which could play an important role in reducing health disparities of SGM and improve their health outcomes.

NOTE: This presentation will be first in English, then in Spanish. Questions and answers will be in either language.

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