Danielle Macdonald

21. Midwives and nurses who collaborate – A Nova Scotia case study

May 5, 2021 @ 18:00 – 18:50 UTC Timezone
Room 3- BBB

Speaker: Danielle Macdonald

Facilitator: Tanya Belcheff

Purpose: Midwifery has been integrated into health care across Canada over the past 25 years. In Nova Scotia, midwifery services were first offered in 2009. There was a gap in understanding the experiences of midwives and nurses who worked together. Our research question was; How do midwives and nurses collaboration during the provision of birthing care in Nova Scotia? Method: In this case study, we explored feminist poststructuralist concepts of power, gender, discourses, and language in relation to the research question. Following ethical approvals, we conducted; 18 individual interviews, document review, and recorded field notes. Feminist poststructuralist discourse analysis was used. Results: We identified four main themes; 1) Negotiating Roles and Practices, 2) Sustaining Relationships, 3) Reconciling Systemic Tensions, 4) Moving Forward: A Modern Model of Collaboration. Conclusions: The findings of this study illustrated an innovative collaborative approach that could be used to support sustainable midwifery services across Canada.

Recording: https://youtu.be/KR2UT9GtLAs