Stella Nickolay

20. Reducing maternal and child mortality in Liberia by supporting midwifery training

May 5, 2021 @ 17:00 – 17:50 UTC Timezone
Room 2 - BBB

Speaker: Stella Nickolay

Facilitator: Elisa Segoni

The UK-based Helen Loewenstein Memorial Trust (HLMT) makes grants to student midwives in Liberia who would not otherwise have sufficient funds to train, by covering course-fees and essential study expenses. Liberia has the world’s third-lowest GDP. Its rate of maternal mortality is 80 times higher than the UK, and its proportion of qualified midwives 24 times lower. 44% of Liberian women give birth without professional help. The presentation will outline how HLMT has raised funds and twinned with a midwifery training institute in Zorza, Liberia, and is sponsoring students. Key issues include: • Building trust with key stakeholders in Liberia • Ensuring that HLMT supports the school’s and students’ needs rather than impose its agendas from afar • Ensuring that its funds are spent for the purposes intended. In exploring HLMT’s work, the presentation will cover these ethical and logistical issues and will enable participants to engage in active discussion

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