2. Lactancia materna: Pilar de vida en el siglo XXI (in Spanish)

May 4, 2019 @ 23:00 – 23:50 UTC Timezone
Room 3, Big Blue Button

Sandra RodriguezSpeaker: Sandra Marcela Rodriguez

Facilitators: Susana Ku & Raquel Justiniano

Check the time in your location: bit.ly/VIDoM19-session-02

The presentation will resume the latest research discoveries about the long and short term benefits of human milk and it´s effect in gene expression. Breastfeeding as an effective way to reduce poverty and disease and enhance neurodevelopment. The leading role of midwives in breastfeeding support and promotion. The impact of birth in the initiation of breastfeeding. The advantages of continuity of care for both, mothers and midwives, and the impact of their culturally competent support for the meeting of women´s breastfeeding goals. How midwives can benefit and learn from traditional medicine to offer a good quality service to their clients. The importance of learning about breastfeeding at school and in the first years of university to grasp the concept of how deeply the lactation period can influence present and future health.

Recording: https://recordings.rna1.blindsidenetworks.com/frontier/d110f4b5795d9863103a0c8edf9c144011e3b4b3-1557003944589/capture/