19. Breastfeeding wires society for connection

May 5, 2019 @ 16:00 – 16:50 UTC Timezone
Room 1, Big Blue Button

Roma NorrissSpeaker: Roma Norris 
Facilitator: Linda Wylie

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We tend to think of the value of breastfeeding as centred around various health outcomes for mother and baby, but what is arguably a much more significant impact is how the breastfeeding relationship forms the foundation for social development. Learn why connection is so important for humans to thrive and function well as a society and how we can either support or undermine our natural propensity for connection through our early experiences of motherhood. If breastfeeding wires society for connection, what are the social implications of interrupting our biological expectation for infant feeding? Discover more about how connection is physiologically unavoidable in the breastfeeding dyad and what can be done to replicate this when breastfeeding is not possible. What are the practice implications of a connection centric perspective on breastfeeding support? Drawing on attachment theory, neuroscience and social research, this session will be informative and thought provoking.

Recording: https://recordings.rna1.blindsidenetworks.com/frontier/9b8b45d14111dae34bbbdb26decd4eca805f6af1-1557068336410/capture/