Pezaro & Hardtman

18 Midwives in focus: Exploring professional identity, strong midwifery leadership and representations of midwifery around the world

May 5, 2022 @ 15:00 – 15:50 UTC Timezone
Room C - BBB

Speaker: Sally Pezaro and Pandora Hardtman

Facilitator: Susan Kiamba

Scaling up quality midwifery and strong midwifery leadership has been identified as a “global priority”, as evidence demonstrates that the provision of high-quality care by midwives can avert the majority of maternal and neonatal deaths worldwide. Yet the latest “State of the World’s Midwifery” report outlines how midwifery work remains undervalued. This may be in part due to the integration of midwifery and nursing along with a lack of representation and guidance for strong leadership for the midwifery profession.

Therefore aim of this project was to:

  1.  Measure and compare the professional identity of both midwives and nurse-midwives
  2.  Collect examples of strong midwifery leadership and explore how such leadership may be upscaled and sustained.
  3.  Invite midwives/nurse-midwives to consider how they might instantiate or ‘represent’ the midwifery profession to the world.

This presentation will share ‘Midwives In Focus’, our early analyses and results including international representations of midwifery.