16. Virtual and Real Time Sharing and Comparing Midwifery Practices Among US and UK Midwifery Students

Georgetown and Oxford Brookes midwifery students

Speakers: Midwifery students from Georgetown University and Oxford Brookes University; Faculty members Cindy Farley and Ethel Burns.

Facilitator: Lorraine Mockford

Midwifery students from Georgetown University, US, and Oxford Brookes University, UK, were connected by e-mail prior to a Short Term Study Abroad to explore midwifery in the UK by US students. Called “Inter-Pals”, short for International Internet Pen Pals, this introduction via e-mail began conversations and relationships that set the stage for a successful in-person exchange. Once US students were welcomed at Oxford Brookes University, the Interpals were placed together with other midwifery students in small groups and given time to share US and UK midwifery practices. Each small group then summarized their comparisons to the whole class. Reflections were collected; overall feedback from both US and UK students was extremely positive. This presentation will describe the virtual and real time sharing structured jointly by the US and UK faculty and the learning from this experience by several Interpal US and UK participants.

Recording: HERE