Margaret Jowitt

14. Birth and the Clitoris

May 5, 2021 @ 11:00 – 11:50 UTC Timezone
Room 4 - BBB

Speaker: Margaret Jowitt

Facilitator: Eunice Atsali

The extensive anatomy of the clitoris, revealed by Helen O’Connell as recently as 2005 through dissection and MRI, shows it to be mostly an internal organ. Its location, underneath the symphysis pubis, provides a biological explanation for the ‘G spot’ on the anterior vaginal wall, where stimulation can result in orgasm. Most sources state that the sole function of female orgasm is sexual gratification. We know that orgasm is not required for conception, however, it may well be part of the birth process. The pressure of the fetal head on the anterior vaginal wall impinges on the clitoris which may lead to movement of the pelvis, oxytocin secretion and lubrication of the outlet. If this is the case, lithotomy position would not be conducive to birth; fetal pressure exerted at the front of the pelvis would be better than pressure at the back.

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