Fatemeh Ghodsi

13. Effect of childbirth preparation program on fear of childbirth in Iran: A review article

May 5, 2021 @ 10:00 – 10:50 UTC Timezone
Room 1 - BBB

Speaker: Fatemeh Ghodsi

Facilitator: Carol Maringa

Normal vaginal delivery is a delivery method requiring no intervention while medical reasons and emergencies could indicate Cesarean delivery (C-section). In 2014, Iran was recorded as the third country with the highest C-section in the world. A great number of C-sections performed following maternal requests due to fear of childbirth. Thus, since 2014, Iran has been providing childbirth preparation programs for pregnant women. This article aims to provide a review of such training courses’ efficiency on reducing the fear of childbirth. Following a list of inclusion/exclusion criteria, 12 articles were reviewed. Results show that in successful programs, reducing the fear of childbirth varies widely. Also, in a few cases, programs increased maternal anxiety and concerns. This study suggests a comprehensive review of contents, materials, and delivery methods of programs. Following the results of the successful trials, a well-designed program could serve as a beneficial tool in reducing fear from childbirth.

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Recording: https://youtu.be/6o9j_iGufWY