Joeri Vermeulen

11. The current state of the professionalisation of midwifery in Europe

May 5, 2021 @ 08:00 – 08:50 UTC Timezone
Room 1 - BBB

Speaker: Joeri Vermeulen

Facilitators: Susan Kiamba and Linda O’Mahony

Introduction: This study aimed to explore the current state of professionalisation of midwifery in Europe. Methods: An exploratory inquiry with an on-line semi-structured questionnaire, based on Greenwood’s sociological criteria for a profession. Descriptive statistics and thematic content analysis were used. Participants were delegates from midwifery associations from 29 European countries. Results: Progress towards professionalisation of midwifery has been made through the move of education into higher education, coupled with opportunities for postgraduate education and research. Lack of progress was noted in regard to midwifery practice, regulation, and leadership. Most countries had a code of ethics as well as a midwifery association. Conclusions: Progress in midwifery education and research has taken place. However, midwives’ current roles in practice as well as leadership and their influence on health care culture and politics are matters of concern. Future efforts for advancing professionalisation in Europe should focus on the challenges in these areas.

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