Barbara Montani

11. Supporting survivors: Midwifery care for childhood sexual abuse survivors

May 5, 2021 @ 08:00 – 08:50 UTC Timezone
Room 2 - BBB

Speaker: Barbara Montani

Facilitators: Halima Musa Abdul and Dianne Garland

The presentation will focus on midwifery care for survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA). CSA is defined as any act which involves a child for the sexual gratification of another person. Prevalence is difficult to determine because it is substantially under-reported, however an estimated 1 in 20 children in the UK are sexually abused. Therefore, many midwives will care for CSA survivors during their career, sometimes without knowing it. Literature shows that a common theme for many survivors is the need to feel safe and in control during the childbearing experience, as loss of control can trigger flashbacks and dissociation. Midwives should therefore employ universal precautions and practice trauma-informed care, give multiple chances to disclose abuse and be aware of the risk of retraumatisation. Sensitive midwifery practice, spiritual midwifery and advocacy for survivors are key tools midwives can employ to help CSA survivors have a positive, empowering birth experience

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