Latha D Balasundaram

08. Success of implementing exercises in turning breech babies and increasing normal vaginal birth rates

May 5, 2021 @ 05:00 – 05:50 UTC Timezone
Room 3, BBB

Speaker: Latha Balasundaram

Facilitator: Red Miller

Background: Fernandez Hospitals was introduced to a training in spinning babies approach as a part of maternity services in 2018 Methods: Retrospective analysis of data collected from 340 mothers from March of 2018 to December 2020. Results: 211(62%) babies turned into cephalic from breech and 117 (35%) babies continued to be in breech. Out of the 211 women , 111(53%) had normal vaginal births and 85(40%) had caesarean sections. Out of the 85 women who had LSCS, 35(41%) women opted elective cesarean section and 46 (54%) had a trial for vaginal birth but had an emergency cesarean section. Conclusion: We should offer exercises for body balance and optimal fetal positioning to help breech babies turn into cephalic enabling women to choose a trial for a normal vaginal birth and support informed choices