Vicki Penwell

07. After Action Review: A Strategy for Teaching Midwifery Theory behind Clinical Actions.

Speaker(s): Vicki Penwell

Facilitator(s): Red Miller

Description: It is important to train midwives in an environment of trust and security, which includes honest discussions after each birth about What went right and why and What went wrong, and how can we do better next time? Theory and practice must be linked successfully during the clinical portion of midwifery training if we hope to graduate midwives who are empowered with the ability to be life-long learners and critical thinkers. In our experience of more than 15,500 births over 40 years, all involving student midwives, Mercy In Action believes this goal is best accomplished by the practice of using “After Action Reviews”. After Action Reviews help us determine our strengths and weaknesses as a maternity care provider team, and always link performance to subsequent training. The goal in all of it is seeking to improve care for the midwifery client and improve learning for the student midwife.

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