Lianne Schwartz

04 Midwives, trauma and sustainability

May 5, 2022 @ 01:00 – 01:50 UTC Timezone
Room B - BBB

Speaker: Lianne Schwartz

Facilitator: Paola Wilkin

As midwives, we’re always caring for others. Caring for ourselves, though, is what keeps midwifery sustainable. Even before the pandemic, midwives were facing burnout, anxiety, depression and chronic stress in unprecedented numbers. The last two years have only increased the challenge.

Midwives are there at the very juncture of life’s beginning. We are constantly faced with the unknown, with varying degrees of responsibility and skill in that process. Supporting birth can be hard, and midwives as well as women can leave a birth feeling traumatized and in need of support. It’s vital that we understand and begin to cultivate integration and healing of trauma we’ve witnessed and experienced as a midwife.

This talk encourages self-reflection as well as sharing tools and practices midwives can use to support themselves and colleagues through times of turmoil.

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