Susana Ku

02. Dónde queda la “Equidad de Nacimiento para todos” en medio de la pandemia? (Spanish)

Speaker: Susana Ku

Facilitators: Paola Wilkin and Deisy Ordinola

Current pandemic has impacted all systems and has demonstrated the weaknesses of health systems around the world, highlighting the absence of health equity. In response to this phenomena, in June 2020, WHO released a guideline to call countries around the world to ensure continuity of provision of essential care services, including sexual and reproductive health. In addition to this report, different stakeholders called for actions to respect and advocate for sexual and reproductive rights. But what does this mean to Latin-American countries, where basic sexual and reproductive rights are sometimes non-existent? How can midwives advocate for women or birthing person rights in a context where gender violence is so deeply immersed in our society? The speaker will present a rapid grey literature on advocacy for sexual and reproductive rights during pandemic, then it will evolve in a series of reflections on how midwifery profession contributes to this matter.