Monitor and facilitate questions – both audio and in the text box.

The room is set up so everyone has access to microphones, but they must keep them muted while they are not talking. Once you see someone put up their hand to ask a question, indicate to them when it is permissible to speak, and then advise them to un-mute their mics. Once they have finished talking, they must mute their mics again.

Have some questions ready to ask the speaker to generate conversation if the audience is not participating, especially with the first few sessions of the day when people are not sure what to do

Disable audio

If a participant is ‘hogging’ the microphone or if there is a lot of background noise, you can disable their microphone. You can always give the microphone back to the participant if you wish.

Clear status


Ejecting someone from the room

  • If you need to need to eject anyone from the room for whatever reason, select the participant ->click onto Pod Options (top right hand corner of the attendees’ pod) ->select “Remove Selected User”.


Information about the speaker’s webcam

We will not be using the webcam so please ask the speaker to turn theirs off if they activate it. This is because it causes problems to delegates from countries where the internet is slow.