Kati Edwards

Kati Edwards is a spoken word artist, activist, Doula and trainer for KG Hypnobirthing. She has performed her poignant birth poetry at birth conferences throughout the UK and internationally. The birth of Kati’s 2nd child featured on the seminal BBC1 birth documentary ‘Childbirth – All Or Nothing.’ Her poems highlight the importance of midwifery care and ensuring women are offered informed choice and supported in their decisions.

Kati Edwards – website and poster shop. There are a series of 7 posters, including The Being Midwife and It’s Not Because.

The Birth You In Love Project‘: the crowdfunded free mini-vid series Kati made after her 2nd child’s home water birth appeared on the BBC1 documentary “Childbirth All Or Nothing.” She made the series as a free resource to help women have better birth experiences.