Berta Hernández-Truyol

Bio Picture

Professor Hernández-Truyol is an internationally renowned human rights scholar who utilizes an interdisciplinary and international framework to promote human well-being around the globe. She is engaged in initiatives that seek to develop, expand and transform the human rights discourse with a focus on issues of gender, race, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, language, and other vulnerabilities as well as their interconnections. She travels broadly to discuss and teach human rights. She has made presentations and offered courses in countries around the world, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, France, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Spain, and Uruguay. 

Hernández-Truyol’s current research includes an examination of the ongoing migration crises. Her latest work on migration appears as an article in the Santa Clara Journal of International Law, titledGlocalizing Women’s Health and Safety: Migration, Work, and Labor, published in 2017. Another chapter, concerning the impact on children and families of discrimination on the basis of sexuality, appears in a book she co-edited with Italian law professor Roberto Virzo, Orientamento sessuale, identita di genere e tutela dei minori, published in 2016.