VIDM is a free online conference delivered using webconferencing technology – BigBlueButton. All you need is a reasonably good internet connection and a computer, laptop, or mobile device. BigBlueButton is mobile friendly – simply enter the access link. No download is required.

 We recommend using a headset for the best audio. Participants will only have access to microphones as requested during Question / Answer sessions. If using a computer, BigBlueButton works best using browsers like Firefox or Chrome, especially  with Mac systems.

During the Conference

Check the VIDM 2020 Programme Calendar to determine the correct room for your session. During the conference we will be changing rooms between sessions. You can have several rooms open in different browser tabs if you like — be sure to disable audio except for the room you are in.

    • Go to the VIDM Conference login page
    • Enter your name
    • Choose the room for your session as listed in the Programme
    • Enter the password: vidmview
    • Select JOIN
    • Follow the prompts to set up your audio – select LISTEN


Having difficulties connecting to Big Blue Button? Check the Troubleshooting FAQ to help find a solution.

If you cannot resolve the issue, email  with the details and what you have done to try and resolve it. You could also attend a Drop-In Help Session — the facilitators there are quite helpful!

Drop-In help Sessions available until the conference: HERE

Attend a moderated drop-in session or you can drop in whenever you like if you miss a session – the rooms are always open. Check out how BigBlueButton works with your system before the conference.

Getting started with BigBlueButton